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UH Partners provides a complete strategy…

Health care facilities face unique challenges in recruiting and retaining qualified employees for their support staff within the demanding surgical suites, and those non-surgical specialties with high supply and demand issues. Experienced PAs and NPs assist you in maintaining the entire continuum of care.

Locating the right employee will frequently require facilities to initiate a regional or national search, almost always requiring a relocation resulting in extensive costs.

Considerations such as credentialing, licensing, and on-boarding can present problems that cost time and money for organizations trying to stay competitive.

UH Partners’ comprehensive strategy results in successful outcomes for our clients, whether the need is for permanent placement employees, or long term staffing solutions. We accomplish this without extensive costs or tedious processes.

We will work with your organization to choose which option best suits your unique goals and needs.

If staffing is the best route, we will ensure that staff will partner within your organization as one successful team!

Teams ensure top patient care and a continuity of superb service provided by your organization to your clients: the patients.

Direct Recruiting is one of the strategies that separates UH Partners from the competition. Our team of qualified recruiting partners at Analyn Perry & Associates do not rely solely upon resume posting bulletin boards or want ad websites; their direct recruiting methods ensure our client’s teams have experienced permanent providers with immediate ROIs from day one!

Your Criteria become the basis for our pro-active methods. We will work with you from the first meeting to identify your needs, and the best solutions to those needs based on your desired goals and expectations. Each organization faces its own unique challenges. At UH Partners we recognize the need to customize our solutions for you.

It is about becoming part of your team and better serving your clients!