Kevin Foreman

Kevin Foreman
Chief Operating Officer
United Health Partners

Combining a real-world, results-driven entrepreneurial mindset with the strongest of all possible foundations – an MBA from the Harvard School of Business – Kevin Foreman’s left brain/right brain duality is perfectly suited to his function as United Health Partners’ Chief Operating Officer. These abilities, enhanced by a UHP Board Membership, allow Kevin to not only keep a firm grasp of today’s professional staffing business practices, but more importantly, keep UHP ahead of the competition in developing new modalities and operational approaches that help anticipate and serve UHP client needs in an ever-changing and evolving landscape.

With over 20 years of proven results in utilizing state-of-the-art and emerging technologies to help shape, transform and redefine industries, Kevin’s unique skill set has allowed UHP to revisit the industry’s “business as usual” practices while modernizing internal processes—resulting in UHP’s ability to offer clients expanded and enhanced levels of professionalism and service that are extremely streamlined, budget conscious and customizable.

Kevin’s equally unique sense of competition extends beyond the boardroom; opting to forego traditional team sports in lieu of Crossfit training that effectively allows him to compete against himself and, as in the boardroom, he is always looking to set and surpass personal goals. Kevin is married, has 4 children and makes his home in Seattle, WA. In addition to UHP, Kevin also advises and serves on the Board of Upside Commerce, a location-based marketing and promotions platform/interface utilizing real-time big data to enhance consumer interaction and drive sales.