UH Partners (UHP) Provides a Complete Partner Strategy for Employees

At UHP, we know that our team is only as great as the partners who work within it.

We offer a very competitive and comprehensive compensation package along with full benefits (we offer full medical benefits, dental, long and short term disability and EAP)

Our Complete Partner Strategy allows our employed partners to continue to climb higher in compensation ranges while also affording a quality of life work balance.
We encourage and support continuing education, which allows you to advance your career and remain an integral part of the team.
We want our partners focused on doing what they do best, assisting surgeons, physicians, and facilities by anticipating their needs and ensuring the continuum of top patient care.

UHP Commitment:

  1. We value our partners and treat them with respect.
  2. We care about every partner’s professional career goals and their personal commitments.
  3. We work hard to ensure our partners are able to continue their education and training. We incorporate, if needed, on the job training.
  4. We stay abreast of the latest trends regarding salary and benefits ensuring that our partners are compensated competitively every year

This portal was designed to assist our employees with all things UHP.  This page is intended for our employed partners to have resources and references at their fingertips.

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